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This week some of the Over & Above team visited the latest retail concept spearheaded by Amazon with the new ‘Amazon Go’ store, which opened to the public on January 22nd, 2018. It offers a shopping experience like no other currently available. Located in downtown Seattle, the Amazon Go store contains no cash registers or cashiers!
The Customer journey is very simple. The customer walks into the shop through a turnstyle gate and starts shopping. However, entry is restricted to those who have the Amazon Go smartphone app. Cleverly Amazon have repeated the successful “Whole Foods” model (which they also own) for the interior design of the store. In simple the customer picks up what they want and then leave the shop. The sale is automated instantaneously to their Amazon Account online. No staff interaction is required….

How does it work? The technology which allows the automated shopping experience is built using what Amazon call ‘computer vision’, and advanced machine learning software. By placing cameras hovering above each aisle – hundreds through the store – Amazon sees what items the customer picks up and sends a digital receipt when they exit.
But do people enjoy the human element of a trip to the grocery store more than the convenience of modern technology? Amazon have stated they will keep employees in-store for the human elements they value: such as chefs preparing meat products and staff to help you find items. This is a clever transition from traditional to tech retailing. However one drawback is the reliance on its clients being member of the App.
We think it is innovative, cost effective and efficient. But lacks the softer side of life that we also enjoy….

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