News - We Are Just Loving The Year Of Irish Design 2015

At Over and Above, we are just loving The Year Of Irish Design 2015. Ireland should be so proud to celebrate the success of Irish Design domestically and internationally.

And in our business, for the last number of years, we have been supporting Irish graduates in Interior and Spatial Design, ensuring the industry continues to flourish.
Irish Design 2015 is the start of a job creation journey exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design and designers through events and activities on the island of Ireland and internationally.
We just love the thought provoking and inspiring exhibition in Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. Well done to the DAA for thinking about the passenger experience as they walk through the terminal and for giving Irish people, whether traveling on business or pleasure, an opportunity to be proud of what our design industry is achieving. Have a look on Twitter @irishdesign2015.

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