By Chloe – New York

One of our team was visiting New York City last week and came across a super cool vegan restaurant at the Rockefeller Center. By Chloe is a fast casual restaurant full of great interior design and interesting branding. The statement ceramic wall works so well with the rest of the colour palette. The floors are black and white wood stripe, a stark contrast to the ceramic mosaic wall which looks aamzing. Low hanging lights also have an upmarket feel but fit well with wire frame chairs and tables which feel a bit more easy going. We really liked the lighthearted print font which gives some balance. We love the old school New York sign style on the menus and through the restaurant. The blue neon sign is a punch of colour amid the monochrome palette. By Chloe’s interior was designed by Chloe Coscarelli, the restaurant’s owner and culinary star who was named on Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017. By Chloe also has locations in London and Los Angeles, we would recommend a visit!

Cannes Film Festival 2018 Poster Design

Cannes Film Festival poster 2018

We are hard at work here at this year’s Cannes Film Festival! Have a look at the 2018 poster unveiled prior to the festival’s opening day – designed by 27 year old Flore Maquin. This year’s graphic poster is inspired by the work of French stills photographer Georges Pierre and features “Pierrot le Fou” stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina sharing a kiss on the French Riviera – the same location as the Cannes Film Festival. We always enjoy working at the festival and this year is no different!

Electrolux exhibition at Eurocucina 2018

Kitchen appliance manufacturer Electrolux exhibited their stand at this year’s Eurocucina, the international kitchen trade fair, which took place April 17th – 22nd in Milan. Electrolux are Sweden-based and we can see the Scandinavian design influence in their exhibition stand, with lots of open architecture and light wood tones and natural shades with a few typographic statements about the appliances.

At the show, live cooking took place in a square bar central to the exhibition stand with access from both public and hospitality areas, merging the professional and domestic use of their kitchen products into a central feature of the stand, an idea we really liked!

88th Geneva Motor Show – TAG Heuer

The Geneva Motorshow took place March 8th to 18th in La-Grand Saconnex, Switzerland. Tag Heure’s 1000-m2 exhibition is showcasing one of a kind vehicle designs and concept vehicles such as the Formula E Showcar and the Red Bull Racing/Tag Heuer Showcar. We had a look at the exhibition stand to see what Tag Heuer did right on the design side of things!

We really liked the shipping container wall and how the tables and stools in this area look to be repurposed from stacks of tires. These fixtures were cleverly used for print branding and marketing materials. We’re feeling the boutique shopping area too where the customer is lead by grid mesh walls to a display box of vintage watches, while overhead LED’s keeps the brand name elevated high above the exhibition. The floor and angular walls are muted with red accent colours throughout the stand, keeping to the motor racing theme. Customers can also enjoy two VIP lounges, five race simulators, a bar open to the public, and a cool Samsung-powered VR experience where you can explore the brand’s world virtually. Tech features and heavy branding (used tastefully) make for a strong visual impact in this exhibition, exactly what a brand needs to to stay ahead in the race…

Amazon Go

This week some of the Over & Above team visited the latest retail concept spearheaded by Amazon with the new ‘Amazon Go’ store, which opened to the public on January 22nd, 2018. It offers a shopping experience like no other currently available. Located in downtown Seattle, the Amazon Go store contains no cash registers or cashiers!
The Customer journey is very simple. The customer walks into the shop through a turnstyle gate and starts shopping. However, entry is restricted to those who have the Amazon Go smartphone app. Cleverly Amazon have repeated the successful “Whole Foods” model (which they also own) for the interior design of the store. In simple the customer picks up what they want and then leave the shop. The sale is automated instantaneously to their Amazon Account online. No staff interaction is required….

How does it work? The technology which allows the automated shopping experience is built using what Amazon call ‘computer vision’, and advanced machine learning software. By placing cameras hovering above each aisle – hundreds through the store – Amazon sees what items the customer picks up and sends a digital receipt when they exit.
But do people enjoy the human element of a trip to the grocery store more than the convenience of modern technology? Amazon have stated they will keep employees in-store for the human elements they value: such as chefs preparing meat products and staff to help you find items. This is a clever transition from traditional to tech retailing. However one drawback is the reliance on its clients being member of the App.
We think it is innovative, cost effective and efficient. But lacks the softer side of life that we also enjoy….

Over and Above sponsor Rowing Team

Over and Above are delighted to have been a sponsor of one of our interior designer’s rowing team for the 2016 season. They have had great success this season finishing second overall in their class. The season finished with the Hope Cup charity row up the Liffey Sept 10th. This was a 13km charity race up on the River Liffey. This race is a great fundraising event for a great cause with all sponsorship going towards the St Vincent’s Oncology Ward. Well done to Laura and her teammates.


Irish Times Higher Options Exhibition

Over and Above is delighted to be involved with the building of exhibition stands at The Irish Times Higher Options show in the RDS 14-16 September. One of the biggest student events in the country this event is already completely sold out. We have worked with our client to improve their presence at the show creating height, clean lines, hidden storage spaces for prospectus’ to create impact for their college with the hall. The decision to move away from a shell scheme stand to a space only allocation is always a brave move for our clients. We worked with this client to design the stand to ensure the space is fully utilised. In our stand design we have added depth using different lines on the vertical and also staggered heights on the back wall to create a more interesting structure. It is clean, simple and creative and reflects the ethos of our client’s brand. We look forward to posting pictures from the event.

Going Stateside Brand Safari

Some of the Over and Above team headed to New York in June and availed of the chance to see what was happening around mid town Manhattan in the coffee and food sector. Our brand safari lead us to some of the popular eateries and was interesting to see how they are evolving and growing their business in a market that is generally decreasing in the USA (by 3% overall nationally in 2015).

We looked at “Shake Shack”, the casual fast food chain associated with the well accredited Chef Danny Meyers. Great food, good design and long queues that moved fast – it didn’t take long to see this was a busy eatery. This restaurant falls within the “casual fast food” sector. This sector itself is growing nationally (and the newest trend within this sector is the vegan option). Accessable price points are also key.

From a business perspective clearly clever marketing strategies allows the customers to feel good about eating high calorie burgers and shakes as a regular meal. Pivotal to these marketing strategies is the focus on educating the consumer that they are only using “good” ingredients. They are happy to tell you this story time and time again. It feels more like an organic, healthy, hip eatery than a fast food chain or a high end McDonalds…

Looking at the website shows how they are educating the mass audiences to their way of thinking:
“We pride ourselves on sourcing incredible ingredients from like-minded ranchers, farmers, bakers and food purveyors. Our burgers are made with 100% all-natural Angus beef—vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified. The Chick’n Shack™ is 100% all-natural cage-free chicken. Our flat-top dogs? 100% all-natural Vienna beef. Our fries are crinkle cut Yukon potatoes, with zero artificial ingredients. And our vanilla and chocolate frozen custard recipes use only real sugar, no corn syrup and milk from dairy farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones.”

So what is “Shake Shack” doing well in terms of the fit out? We loved elements of the design and noticed how cleverly they are using the industrial vibe to keep installation fit out costs to a minimum. It still looked cool and hip and it did focus on details to give it an edge to some elements of the fit out. We loved the simple industrial vibe with graffiti type murals to add the pop of colour to the seating areas. The flow through the restaurant worked well and allowed the customer journey from entry to the table to be hassle free. Clear menu boards with quirky mixed fonts added to the eclectic design. The menu boards are a point of difference almost looking like they were done absent mindedly, using 3D lettering on poppers (until you see the follow through of the font to the website).

We liked the concept and we fully recommend the Chick’n Shack with crinkle cut fries!

World of Coffee

Over and Above are unpacking from a great show in the RDS in Dublin this week. Ireland was lucky to be chosen as the country to host of the World of Coffee 2016 event. The range of the design briefs received from our clients was a treat for the design team to work with. In the end the exhibition stands we built for the show varied from big and bold, quirky and colourful, urban and industrial to solid and reputable. The range of the design briefs gave the design team lots of scope to push the boundaries during the creative process while designing the stands for the show.   We spread the designs amongst our team and the results were interesting. The personality of each of our clients was successfully embodied within their space and all looked great at the show.

We focus on quality in every instance and had the luxury this time of availing of the height allowed to create custom overhead structures for maximum impact for each exhibition space.  It was great to see the fabulous Bewley’s canopy being hoisted up as the “wow” factor of the space. It was classic and chic and added a sense of luxury that married well with the character oak in the main body of the stand.

It was great to collaborate with a chalk artist at the Matthew Algie exhibition stand and see a master at work. His creative chalk boards worked well with the bright and colourful stand.   We loved the overall fun theme of the space that worked well with the brand.   The industrial corrugated iron and quirky lights in the double height structure gave lots of impact to this stand within the event.

We had great fun being involved in the design of custom exhibition stands at this show. We look forward to World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest!