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We provide innovative solutions to showcase your brand and impress your clients

We Design and Build Brand Experiences Worldwide
Over & Above has applied world-class design strategies, efficient fabrication formats, and global reach to give our clients a competitive advantage. We design and build some of the most affordable high-end brand experiences in the exhibit and interior industry—designs that leverage award-winning design style to attract, energize, and influence target audiences.
we are .. we go .. over and above
We create brand experiences.
How. we go there.
Our most spectacular results come from the simplest process.



We want to know all your goals, the needs, they wants, the event specifics, the target audience, your brand research, the look and feel; we want to consider the materials, the visuals and multimedia applications needed to experience, entice, engage and effect.



Good design means form follows functions, so we design from the inside out. We start with the visitor journey and experience, create the floor plan, concentrate on 3D design, and the look and feel of your experience.



When the design has been approved, the detailing process begins. Every detail to be constructed is defined. Floor plans, elevations, electrical and lighting, AV plans, materials and finishes, furnishing layout plans, setup drawings. Everything is captured to perfection.



We control the fabrication from start to finish, saving you hassle and money. Large format fabric graphics, lightweight substrates, dimensional signage, we do it all. We specialize in creating event experiences.

How. we create success.
The most successful projects are more than impressive designs or cutting-edge technology. Our most impactful, result-driving work is the result of equal parts creativity and strategic planning. It is the perfect balance of innovation, effective design, and engagement that produces a dynamic brand experience. It is our  model, and it delivers results.
We believe in creativity
Our difference is in the design. We are creatively focused on your brand. Engaging your visitors with a meaningful design experience is our passion and promise.
We believe in quality
Our goal is to create design solutions to match needs and requirements, so every detail of the design is prepared for approval by the team of designers and builders from Over & Above.
We believe in service
From time critical deliveries of your exhibit to storing your booth and supplies after the exhibition, Over and Above provides customized solutions that ensure your trade show is delivered with the right components, in the right condition and on time.
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