Exhibitions - Sonar

The Challenge

Independent entertainment studio Sonar tasked us with developing innovative and exciting exhibition collateral (including a distinctive premium stand) for their presence in the MIP markets. We needed to ensure that Sonar’s exhibition area stood out in a busy environment and cemented their position as one of the world’s leading entertainment suppliers.

We Delivered

We fulfilled our purpose in creating exhibition collateral designed to increase awareness of the new Sonar brand extensions among new potential clients, and a strongly branded exhibition stand which developed leads for the sales team by showcasing Sonar’s offerings in an exciting and inviting way without suffering from an overload of information

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  • over-and-above-case-studies_0025_sonar-7
  • over-and-above-case-studies_0027_sonar-5
  • over-and-above-case-studies_0028_sonar-4
  • over-and-above-case-studies_0030_sonar-2
  • over-and-above-case-studies_0031_sonar-1
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