Creating brand identities that stand out

Creating a brand is about more than just a logo, or some signage. Creating a brand is about communicating the core of an organisation or business through words, stories, images and design. Sure, your logo design and the design of your offices are important but they all must come back to that one goal of communicating what your business is all about at its heart.

Giving your brand style

We have successfully created brand identity, signage and environmental graphics for a variety of business sectors. Our part in the branding puzzle is to bring your business to life. This is done by getting a deep understanding of what it is that you do. Learning about your vision and mission helps us to give you the right designs that help to communicate your personality to your customers. From typeface to colours, we make sure that the designs we create support your goals.

Communication is crucial

Our understanding of the design process enables us to really collaborate with clients on projects that succeed both aesthetically and functionally. Understanding how the different elements of your brand need to work together is key. From your outdoor signage to your latest brochure to your website, everything has to come together and work seamlessly and that’s where we come in.

Understanding your business

We work hard to ensure designs are sensitive to broader sensibilities, and that our concepts and delivery meet our client’s needs, budgets and schedule.​ We won’t take a brief and go away and bury our heads. You can expect to hear from us on a regular basis, ensuring we have an understanding from staff across your business, knowing exactly what your company means to them and your customers.

We have created brand identities for a number of companies and we love nothing more than immersing ourselves in your business, finding out what it is you do and turning this into designs, logos, images and more.

Talk to us today and bring your brand to life with Over and Above.