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In these difficult times for our industry we hope that you are healthy, and your business surviving.
The exhibitions and events sector was on the front line as the CoronaVirus crisis developed, being the first industry to be hit by the early curtailing of mass gatherings, which has evolved further and ultimately ground our perenially busy Spring global events calendar to a halt.
These are unprecedented times for our sector and for our industry which along with many others, and even with government pledges of support, is now undeniably in survival mode.  It’s therefore so great to see that in these trying times that our sector, so badly hurt from the beginning of this crisis, is now on the frontline again but this time, in the fight back, with major global venues being used as makeshift hospitals to provide a crucial additional facilities for space and treatment of CoronaVirus patients. Our industry is filled with highly skilled people and business who I know will be also be doing their bit to use their expertise where possible to help us all overcome this episode.
Exhibitions WILL bounce back, they are too important not to with 32,000 exhibitions taking place across the globe each year.  In future we will need to innovate further and adapt to a new post CoronaVirus world order. Over and Above as a full-service design & fabrication company have always been dynamic and innovative and will be ready to help our customers old and new achieve their exhibiting aims when we come out the other side of this. When this happens we will all need to move quickly to get our vitally important sector firing again and to regain much of the business lost during the enforced break.
When that time comes, Over and above will be ready and willing to receive your next design brief and to show where our name comes from, by going OVER AND ABOVE for our exhibition partners in the delivery of future exhibition and event stand designs and event experiences.
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