COVID19: Simple Steps to Declutter Your Office Space

Covid19 Office Clutter

COVID19 indirectly highlights the problems that can be created by clutter and office space. We have put together a simple approach to declutter your office.

There are two important points to make
about the intersection of COVID19 and clutter:

  1. Clutter; in all of its forms and through all of its components, is like a vacation resort where germs live and flourish
  2. Clutter covers surfaces of all kinds, making it a challenge to properly clean and sanitize them

There are three benefits of a decluttered office:

  1. A noticeable increase in productivity,
  2. Peace of mind to foster brainstorming and problem solving
  3. Improved brand representation for your company’s image

Getting started to reduce clutter

It can seem like an overwhelming task to clean your office space and even though the benefits are clear and apparent, you may be hesitant to start tidying up if the clutter has gotten out of control. Don’t despair, the rewards will be worth it and you can easily tackle your office space clutter with some tips.

One trick to start eliminating clutter in your store front, retail space or commercial office space is to remove everything from each room into a central place and then begin putting things that are needed back into each room one piece at a time. This can reduce your stress level of feeling that the task is too much to handle and also can help streamline the decluttering process by helping to assess the room and see which items should be saved and which items should be discarded.

It is always best to focus on practicality in your office space and put items that are accessed frequently in common and easy to access spots while storing or filing away items that you will not need as often. You can setup a rudimentary system to determine which items to keep, discard, replace, or move elsewhere. A good labeling system would be separating items in the following categories: Keep, Discard or Recycle, and Move Elsewhere.

When decluttering your office it can be very helpful to take your time. There is no rush and it is important to focus on business and declutter your office space on the side or assign interns or temporary employees to help accomplish the clutter-free office in a more efficient way. Another helpful tip would be to take photos of offices that you visit that have features or organization that you like so that you can transform your office into the perfect clutter-free office space that encourages productivity and provides peace of mind for yourself and your entire office staff.

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