Is your business struggling with the decision between returning to work or remaining at home after COVID-19? Too many factors to consider and don’t know where to start?

It’s a decision with profound implications for leadership teams and their employees. Will it be a full return, partial return or hybrid model with some employees at work and some at home?

For many businesses, working from home has proved an unexpected success. A recent survey of HR Managers revealed near-unanimous agreement of the benefits of remote workers. For employers concerned with how to best keep their employees and workplaces safe, working remotely is an appealing option.

Yet for others, working centrally full time provides the strongest basis for productive cross-functional collaboration. Returning to work promises a faster means of kick-starting business transformation projects and rebuilding workplace culture. A return to work plan with communication checklists is available.

Whatever the decision, it’s essential to get right if your business is to enjoy sustained success and avoid an immediate reversal if the worst happens.

Returning to work template

To help businesses like yours navigate this issue, we’ve produced a free template for weighing up the pros and cons of returning to a central workplace versus continuing with working remotely. This includes:

  • Management considerations
  • Physical workspace considerations
  • Departmental considerations
  • Employee, customer and stakeholder considerations

Based on your responses to each, returning or remaining is recommended. Use this template to help you answer questions such as these:

  • What’s the optimal balance of reward vs risk for your business?
  • How effectively can your workplaces be configured to meet health and safety regulations?
  • Are departments equipped with the necessary information and resources?
  • Under what circumstances will team members and other stakeholders benefit most?

Download the checklist.